India’s internal security threats – Part II

Fake Currency racketeering

In the year 2011, a container ship started from Dubai and docked itself in the Mumbai harbour. Each container held around Each container held around ₹ 1000 crores fake Indian currency bills of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 bills. The ship had hundred such containers. Some private agency transported those shipment to all over the country to some pre-designated people who in turn re-distributed the cash to numerous persons.

These counterfeit notes were largely intended to get mixed into Indian financial system to break India’s economical progress. Large amount of these counterfeit notes was given to people with radical mindsets, who would in turn, use those to radicalize the youths of the country. Some were used for terrorist attacks (discussed in a separate part) all over the nation. Money is required to purchase IEDs, timers, batteries and other materials.

Some amount of these huge stash was also handed over to the Naxals fighting in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and other areas of the red corridor. A huge surge of IED attacks and ambushes on CRPF jawans were noted in 2012-13. Timer devices planted and grenades lobbed at the patrolling areas of CRPF forces. The government was surprised at the new attacks and the devices used to ambush the para-military personnel. It was with this counterfeit money that the naxals purchased weapons and grenades to kill civilians and para-military personnel.

In fact, it was one of the factors which drove his decision when the PM of India announced Indian currency demonetization on November, 16 2016. The demonetized currency were exactly ₹500 and ₹1000 denominations only. The country was in shock when the PM announced in the electronic media at 8:00PM about his decision. He in fact mentioned in his speech that this measure would wipe out the fake currencies in circulation. This demonetization did help to get those fake notes flushed out of the system, but not for long.

Pakistan for years possessed the currency counterfeiting moulds. It also got hold of the security strips and currency papers when India cancelled the then existing currency paper manufacturer and gave the assignment to another manufacturer. Incidentally, that manufacturer also sells papers to our neighbour, Pakistan. Why the then Indian government cancelled the contract and decided to get currency papers from the same vendor through which Pakistan also buys is another story, but this just paved the way for Pakistan to make original fake counterfeit notes of India to weaken India economically.

These counterfeit notes look just like the real one. Many a times even bankers and trained observers failed to notice the difference. These counterfeits when dissolved in the value system, devalued the money system thereby increasing inflation and hindered growth. Though the notes came from outside the country, but it was our people who helped them to get into circulation.

An economically weak India would only help our neighbours to break India. If we are not able to procure proper fighting equipment for our forces, it would be a cake walk for our neighbours to encroach our territory. Our security establishment would lay bare without adequate funds and equipment. Price of every commodities would rise and India would be under utter disturbance from within.

This fake currency racket poses a serious internal threat to Indian Union. Many people are involved in this racket and every day they are planning how to import fake currencies and ways to distribute among common people. As we, the commoners, do not have the expertise to distinguish between a real and a fake bank note just by looking or feeling, it becomes very easy for them to hoodwink common people from circulating fake notes easily.

In the subsequent part, I will opine about another internal threat which is very active in our country. The Mumbai Film Industry.

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