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What are India’s Internal Security Threats – Part I

Everybody knows and acknowledge the fact that both our neighboring countries pose a serious threat to India’s national security. The CoAS on multiple occasions re-iterated that the Indian Armed Forces are ready to face the two-front war, if the situation so warrants. What many of us fail to understand is that the biggest threat to national security does not arise from over the borders but from within our geographical boundaries. This internal threat is perhaps the biggest challenge which the Indian Union is facing in recent times. Urban Naxals When India gained independence, Pt. Nehru assumes the seat of the...

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Will there be a limited war between India and China?

The four thousand kilometers long ‘Line of Actual Control’ or famously termed as LAC between India and China post the war of 1962 is witness to border skirmishes for long. It is all the more evident in the areas of UT of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh (which China refers to as South Tibet). In the past, whenever a Chinese incursion happens, the Indian Armed Forces were asked to back off from their position under orders from Indian government of the times. But no more. China was longing to challenge the gut of the incumbent Indian government. When the Modi government...